Astromap HD turns your IOS device into a window on the night sky. 
With iPhone and iPad you will be able to point your device up and you will see a map of the brightest stars, constellations and planets in that part of the sky. 
Next time you see a bright star and want to know what it's called, use Astromap HD! 

The application features: 
  •  Automatic mode that takes advantage of sensors installed in your device: magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer.(Automatic mode is only available on iPhone and iPad) 
  • Manual mode that allows you to pan, zoom and rotate the view with your fingers(Manual mode is available on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) 
  • Search which will help you find the position of various astronomical objects on the sky
  • Night mode 
  • Universal build which will run on any of your IOS devices 

The application does not require any internet connection to view the stars and all your star maps are already embedded in Astromap HD.

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